Get this garlic while it's green

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Next we move to an ingredient making its way onto a number of Southern California menus this time of year: green garlic.

Don't be confused by the name. Green garlic is the garlic that we know and love. If left in the ground until summer, the plants become bulbs that are harvested and hung up to dry. Green garlic is pulled up in early spring. It's a sweet, relaxed version of garlic, says Gavin Humes, the chef at Cliff's Edge in Silver Lake. He uses the whole plant on his menu, from root end to trimming. Find a recipe for pork tenderloin with grilled green garlic, green garlic jus and asparagus on the Good Food blog.

Schaner Family Farms is selling green garlic at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market. Listen in to hear Rose Schaner talk to Laura Avery about the difference between green garlic, leeks and green onions.

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