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Laura Avery talks about curing green olives with Scott Peacock.  Here's a recipe for curing your own at home with water.

This method is for the green olives, not the red or purple. Crack each of them with a rolling pin brick or hammer, then immerse them completely in cold water, changing the water every day for at least 25 days. Stir them occasionally. Taste one after 25 days. If they are too bitter, keep up this regime until they are edible.

Raw pistachios are coming this week and next.  The Santa Barbara Pistachio Company is bringing down delicate, raw nuts in their fresh stage which are highly perishable and popular in Middle Eastern dishes.  

Laura also met up with Rebecca Rather of Rather Sweet Bakery in Fredericksburg, Texas. Rebecca shares a wonderful recipe for peach bars with us on air. Look for a written recipe on our website soon.

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