Mother’s Day; Foie Gras Wars; 40-Pound Cabbage; Goat Soup

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Jonathan Gold digs into a bowl of goat meat soup.  Debi Mazar and Italian husband Gabriele Corcos make home cooking videos that are inspiring. Ruth Reichl of Gourmet Magazine shows us how to love your mom even though you turned out okay in spite of her. Ten year-old Katie Stagliano grew a 40 pound cabbage. Find out what she did with it.  Aussie chef Curtis Stone knows how people are really cooking at home and he tells all.  Foie gras or fatty goose liver caused an uproar and was banned in Chicago, according to writer Mark Caro.  And Kathleen Collins traces the history of the televised cooking show.  Plus Laura Avery checks in with farmers for the Market Report.

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