Foie Gras Wars

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Foie Gras WarsMark Caro is the author of The Foie Gras Wars: How a 5,000 Year Old Delicacy Inspired the World's Greatest Food Fight.  In 2006 Chicago banned foie gras, the fattened goose or duck liver widely considered a delicacy among gourmets.  Many animal rights activists object to the way foie gras is produced.  The goose or duck is force-fed through a tube until the liver balloons in size - a process called gavage.  Many foie gras producers and consumers deny the level cruelty and pain involved in production, especially compared to the treatment of other types of livestock in the U.S. 

In 2004, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a law, effective 2012, that would make it illegal to make or sell foie gras.   


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