Mother’s Day, bagels, culinary journalism

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Cathy Barrow taught herself to make bagels at home and attests that a high-gluten flour is the key to her success. Photo by Linda Xiao.

Chefs reflect on the life lessons their mothers taught them in the kitchen. Author Kim Fay weaves together a story of friendship and food in her epistolary novel, “Love & Saffron.” Food writer Barbara Hansen reminisces about introducing international flavors to her Angeleno audience. If you’re ready to make mom breakfast in bed, Cathy Barrow has a five-ingredient recipe for homemade bagels. Ellen Freund and Mara LePere Schloop discuss the research involved to bring the food and cooking of “Pachinko” to the screen. Finally, Ben Mims talks to pastry chef Hannah Ziskin about her excitement for Meyer lemons.