The Market Report: celtuce and mustard

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Nope, that’s not “lettuce” misspelled. If you’ve never had celtuce before, you’re not alone. Chef Zak Walters of Salt’s Cure in West Hollywood tells Laura Avery how he and his partner Chris Phelps first discovered the space age-looking stem lettuce during a trip to Coleman Family Farms in Carpinteria. Walters uses the long romaine-flavored stalks to make a chilled purée that he serves with marinated octopus, blood orange crisps and pungent mustard frills from Windrose Farms. Barbara Spencer describes the many different varieties of mustard greens that she and her husband grow at their farm up in Paso Robles. Find a recipe for Walter’s Marinated octopus with celtuce purée, blood oranges and olives on the Good Food blog.