Pork Rinds; Futurist Food; Food Bank Update; Diwali

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The recession is affecting people's ability to feed their families.  This week on Good Food, Michael Flood gives Evan Kleiman a tour of the LA Regional Food Bank.  He explains what kind of safety net exists for Angelenos.  Councilman Jose Huizar has a plan to get untouched food going to waste at city venues, into the hands of people in need.  James McWilliams has some ideas on how to solve the global food crisis.  Pie-a-day continues with the pie goddess herself, Rose Levy Beranbaum.  She shares tips for the flakiest crust.  Luigi Ballerini tells us why some people are calling pasta an "absurd Italian gastronomic religion."  Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights, is coming up.  Mira Advani Honeycutt knows how to celebrate.  Plus, Jonathan Gold has a restaurant for us to try.  Laura Avery finds lots of apples at the Farmers Market.  And Ryan Farr tempts us with light and airy fried pork rinds.

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