Futurist Food

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Futurist Painting
Abstract Speed + Sound by Giacomo Balla (1913-14)

Luigi Ballerini is a professor of Italian Literature at UCLA.  As a food historian, he has been a part of several futurist dinners.

The Futurist Movement began in 1909 when Filippo Tommaso Marinetti published his Futurist Manifesto.  In it, Marinetti expressed his disdain for the past and he embraced technology.  Gastronomy was included in this artistic movement.  Futurist meals demanded originality in food and presentation.  Pasta was shunned as was the fork and knife. 

Evan is preparing a Futurist meal on October 10 at the Fowler Museum, sponsored by Fondazione Azzurra.

  Serata Futurista

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