Bill Esparza brings a new taco experience to town

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On June 15, noted taco expert Bill Esparza is bringing a new taco festival to the ROW DTLA , featuring a slate of nearly 50 taqueros personally curated by the man himself. It’s called Taqueando .

La Huesuda Tacos is a vision amongst friends to bring varying facets of their culinary heritage from Mexico to Los Angeles. Combining their ideas and flavors, they created a menu of tacos that merges traditional Mexican cuisine with a modern touch — taking the flavors from their home to you and always offering authentic & fresh products. Photo courtesy of Taqueando
Dia de los Puercos was first brought to life through the collaborating minds of Danny Rodriguez, the Artist, and Rick Garcia, El Chefe; originally designed to create a cool t-shirt for Chefs’ to wear and represent! Jump forward to May of 2013... Rick came to (his new wife) Nicole, after injuring himself in the kitchen, and told her that he wanted to quit his job... and become his own boss and not have to get permission from anyone to be creative with his recipes. Nicole supported Rick and his dream and just a few weeks later, Dia de los Puercos hit the streets in Piggy Smalls (The food truck) from East Los to Venice to San Diego! Photo courtesy of Taqueando



Evan Kleiman