Slow Money; Pickling; Tomato Frenzy; Women Farmers

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The theories behind the Slow Food movement just might be able to fix our economy.  Woody Tasch explains the concept of Slow Money.

These days, more and more women are become farmers.  Lisa Kivirist talks about the growing population of women in agriculture. 

Just what does it take to be the restaurant critic for the New York Times?  Frank Bruni gives us the details on the disguises, aliases and fake credit cards that come with the job. 

Also this week, advice on what to do with your bounty of produce.  Brian Yarvin has some ideas for all those tomatoes in season right now.  Linda Ziedrich gives us a primer on making pickles.  And Valerie Gordon makes fruit creams with fresh ingredients. 

Plus Jonathan Gold eats incredible Mexican food in Boyle Heights.  Helena Echlin offers advice for dining with an unemployed friend.  And, Laura Avery shows us what fresh at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.

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