Smoked Thanksgiving turkey, sides, pies

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Genevieve Ko jazzes up her roasted sweet potato pie with doses of nutmeg while replacing standard evaporated milk with heavy cream (and some rum) for a dessert that moves easily from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Photo courtesy of New York Times Cooking.

As America prepares for its biggest cooking holiday of the year, Good Food taps cook and food writer Andy Baraghani to co-host a special Thanksgiving episode with Evan Kleiman. Peppering in answers to listeners’ most troubling kitchen and hosting dilemmas, the duo is joined by chef and artist DeVonn Francis, who has unique entertainment activities to keep the conversation lively while leaving politics and religion off the table. Pitmaster Kevin Bludso shares all you need to know about smoking and frying the Thanksgiving bird. Evan and Andy riff on turkey alternatives and their favorite side dishes. New York Times cooking editor Genevieve Ko developed nine new pie recipes, including a dessert inspired by breakfast. Finally, go beyond the turkey sandwich when using leftovers.