The Battleship Taco; Perfect Fruit; Bhutanese Cuisine; Pie-a-Day Goes Raw

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What is the world's perfect fruit?  For Chip Brantley it's the pluot.  He tells us about how farmers experiment with fruit varieties to create perfection.  Lisa Napoli traveled to Bhutan and tells us about the cuisine of this tiny landlocked kingdom.  Eating local isn't necessarily better, says James McWilliams.  He thinks there are more effective ways to save the planet.  In honor of picky eaters everywhere, Good Food Producer Bob Carlson shares with us how he gets his kids to eat their vegetables.  Joann Cianciulli shares stories from Third and Fairfax.  Russ Parsons cools off with frozen souffles.  Plus, Gustavo Arellano takes us out for a Battleship Taco.  And chef Ani Phyo takes the Pie-a-Day project into the world of raw food. 

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