The Breathable Gin and Tonic; Pie Crust; How to Annoy Your Waiter

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Drinking is so last century.  Sam Bompas and Harry Parr describe how to in breathe in your next cocktail.  Steve Dublanica, also known as Waiter X, tells us how to be better customers and reveals the truth behind angry waiter retaliations.  Hiking the 2,600-mile Pacific Crest Trail left journalist Dan White hot, tired and most of all, hungry.  Freudian psychoanalyst Jeffrey Masson analyzes the psychology of eating meat.  Arnold Van Huis offers eating bugs as an alternative to meat.  Pastry chef Cindy Mushet chimes in on the Pie-a-Day conversation with an assessment of flours.  Plus, what kind of life does a swordfish lead before it ends up on our plate?  Yonat Swimmer explains.  And, Laura Avery has Michael McCarty’s recipe for heirloom tomato, arugula and burrata salad.

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