A new noodle and dumpling house in Koreatown

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What happy hour would be complete without noodles and dumplings to soak up the booze? Enter Chungsil Hongsil, a new restaurant in Koreatown. Chungsil Hongsil is the Los Angeles branch of a chain of noodle and dumpling shops that first opened its doors in South Korea in the 1960's. The restaurant name refers to the blue and red threads used in Korean wedding ceremonies, according to Jonathan Gold, Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer for the LA Times. The only speed-dating we'll be doing is with the cold buckwheat noodles dipped in anchovy broth and the steamed dumplings filled with minced pork and vegetables. So much tasty food, so little time and stomach space.

Chungsil Hongsil
338 S. Western Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90020

See how these dumplings are lovingly constructed on the Good Food blog, read the review Jonathan wrote of Chungsil Hongsil for the LA Times and text the words "Good Food" to 69866 to subscribe to our weekly restaurant recommendations.

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