Warm treviso salad, cotija cheese and peppadew peppers

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While we're on the subject of local food, let's spend a moment on treviso. The white-veined magenta radicchio is in the chicory family and can be found at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market now. Romeo Coleman grows it year-round at Coleman Family Farms in Carpinteria. He gives Laura Avery the skinny on best growing practices and his preferred way to eat the leafy vegetable: cooked in bacon fat and smothered with bleu cheese.

Chef Nick Ervan, says the slightly bitter taste of treviso punches up the flavor in the salads on his menu at Fundamental LA. He soaks it overnight in a sauce of vinegar, black fermented garlic and soy sauce before serving treviso warm with cotija cheese and peppadew peppers atop a little something he calls green goddess. Ervan says when you dig in, the salad tastes like a pizza. Just as intrigued as we are? Find the recipe on the Good Food blog.

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