Wine Additives

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Wineries often project a quixotic view of winemaking – that the grapes, soil conditions, weather, time and skill all come together in a magical process to create this celebrated drink.  In reality, there is so much money riding on this fickle technology, that many wineries use additives to force the hand of nature in creating the perfect bottle of wine.  From chemicals like acids, purple coloring and copper, to natural ingredients like oak chips, chicken, fish, milk and wheat products, few are aware of the actual ingredients in their wine.

The industry is currently unregulated and wine labels generally contain government-mandated disclosures about alcohol percentages, sulfites and health warnings.  There is a movement to reveal the contents in wine, which was detailed in a recent article in the Los Angeles TimesSang Yoon, owner of Father's Office on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, is an outspoken and informed expert on the topic.  He explains the controversy behind disclosing wine ingredients and exactly what the winemaking industry thinks about it.