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David Karp

Summer fruit is flooding the market.  David Karp, the fruit connoisseur, marvels at Southern California blueberries, a fruit native to Northern forests.  The bushes require moist, acidic soil with a certain amount of winter chill.  Thanks to a hybrid variety, 20 million pounds of blueberries now grow in the San Joaquin valley each year.  David thinks SoCal blueberries are just as good as the Northern varieties.  He was researching an article on blueberries for the Los Angeles Times. 


Fitz Kelly Selling PeachesReedly, California, Farmer Fitz Kelly has stone fruit including peaches. Right now he has a yellow peach/white peach hybrid developed by a Modesto farmer.  The flesh is yellow but it tastes like a white peach.  The variety is called Sugarlips.  He doesn't recommend cooking with this variety as it's sweet and not tart enough.









Fitz's Peach

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