Tom Colicchio; Parsnips; Bialys; Jonathan Gold

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What makes a celebrity chef?  This week on Good Food, host Evan Kleiman chats with Top Chef's Tom Colicchio what it means to be a celebrity chef today.  Susan Ungaro of the James Beard Foundation tells us how the legendary chef paved the way.  Jonathan Gold takes us to a mysterious Korean restaurant.  Good Food listener Beth Knorr is also the market manager for the Cuyahoga County Farmers Markets in Ohio.  She tells us about how some of their farmers are growing food on national parkland.  We'll find out how Brad Kent, a chef and food scientist who once worked for the Department of Defense ended up making bialys.  The LA Times' Russ Parsons is making gougers.  Plus Eddie Lin is celebrating Valentine's Day with traditional Chinese bull pizzle soup.  And Amelia Saltsman and Alex Weiser tell Laura Avery why they love parsnips.