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We talk to a few people who’ve reached success on their food-related projects on Kickstarter, Zoe Nathan shares stories and recipes from the new Huckleberry cookbook and Jonathan Gold reviews Superba Food and Bread.

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Omnivore Salt 7 MIN, 44 SEC

Angelo Garro’s Kickstarter campaign for Omnivore Salt went viral thanks to a campaign video voiced and edited by Werner Herzog. Garro talks about his Italian roots, his salt recipe and how he got Werner Herzog to voice his project.

Find the Kitchen Sisters story all about Angelo Garro on the Good Food blog. It’s the story that inspired Michael Pollan to seek out Angelo for his book The Omnivore’s Dilemma. You can get your own omnivore salt here. Or you can find it at one of these shops in Southern California:

Little Flower - Pasadena
Urban Radish - LA
A Market - Newport Beach
Canyon Gourmet - Topanga
Thyme Cafe and Market - Santa Monica
Turpan - Santa Monica
Real Food LA - Beverly Blvd LA
Sea Side Market - Cardiff by the Sea
Chino Farms - Rancho Sante Fe

The Omnivore's Dilemma

Michael Pollan

When Home Cooks Take On Uncookable Cookbooks 9 MIN, 28 SEC

Allen Hemberger is an audacious home cook who decided to make every recipe in the highly technical 400 page cookbook, Alinea. The book is based off of the recipes from a fine dining restaurant of the same name in Chicago.

It took him five years to make every recipe, and in the end he turned to Kickstarter to fund his own book about the process.


Grant Achatz

Nomiku: The Immersion Circulator for Home-cooks 9 MIN, 1 SEC

Lisa Fetterman and her husband created the most popular immersion circulator and sous vide machine for home cooks on the market. It’s called Nomiku and it started as a Kickstarter campaign.

Exo: A Cricket Based Protein Bar 7 MIN, 26 SEC

Greg Sewitz and Gabi Lewis launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund a protein bar that features crickets as the primary ingredient. Motivated by a United Nations Report from May 2013 that stated that eating insects would help combat world hunger, the former college roommates have already raised over $50,000 to fund the production of a cricket protein bar they named Exo.

The Huckleberry Cookbook 10 MIN, 43 SEC

Zoe Nathan co-wrote The Huckleberry Cookbook with her husband Josh and Laurel Almerinda, Director of Bakery Operations. Find a recipe on the Good Food Blog.

Zoe and Josh also own Sweet Rose Creamery and have agreed to donate five dollars of every large ice cream pie sold during September to the Good Food Pie Contest, taking place on Sunday October 5th at the Fowler Museum at UCLA. Zoe will also be a judge.


Zoe Nathan

Jonathan Gold Reviews Superba Food and Bread 6 MIN

Jonathan Gold is the Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer for the Los Angeles Times. This week he reviews Superba Food and Bread, a new spot in Venice that transforms from breakfast to lunch to dinner.

Superba Food and Bread
1900 S Lincoln Blvd
(310) 907-5075

Recommended dishes: pastries, testa, rabbi’s day off, black rice salad, crispy cauliflower and rotisserie leg of lamb.

All of Jonathan's restaurant suggestions can be found on the Good Food restaurant map.

Jonathan Gold (1960-2018), Good Food on the Road (@thejgold)

Market Report 5 MIN, 17 SEC

Laura Avery talks to Corina Weibel of Canelé restaurant in Atwater Village. Weibel says it’s too hot to turn on the stove, so she’s using up late season tomatoes in a traditional Spanish gazpacho.

Barbara Whyman of Tutti Frutti says it’s peak pepper season. She will have serranos, jalapenos, Anaheims, pasillas and habaneros through October.

Laura Avery, Santa Monica Farmers' Market

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