Omnivore Salt

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Angelo Garro’s Kickstarter campaign for Omnivore Salt went viral thanks to a campaign video voiced and edited by Werner Herzog. Garro talks about his Italian roots, his salt recipe and how he got Werner Herzog to voice his project.

Find the Kitchen Sisters story all about Angelo Garro on the Good Food blog. It’s the story that inspired Michael Pollan to seek out Angelo for his book The Omnivore’s Dilemma. You can get your own omnivore salt here. Or you can find it at one of these shops in Southern California:

Little Flower - Pasadena
Urban Radish - LA
A Market - Newport Beach
Canyon Gourmet - Topanga
Thyme Cafe and Market - Santa Monica
Turpan - Santa Monica
Real Food LA - Beverly Blvd LA
Sea Side Market - Cardiff by the Sea
Chino Farms - Rancho Sante Fe