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Photo: Legumes de saison (Camellia Tse)

Japanese turnips 5 MIN, 57 SEC

Laura Avery sneaks a peak into chef DJ Olsen's shopping basket this week at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market. He's inspired by chef Tony Esnault's legumes de saison at Spring in Downtown LA. Esnault's signature dish is a medley of seasonal vegetables that calls for cooking each one separately "to bring it to its fullest expression." Japanese turnips are just one of the winter vegetables Olsen will use to create his vibrant vegetable palette. ‘Tis the season for Gus Jimenez's golf ball-sized turnips at his farm in Los Olivos, California. Each of the white-fleshed turnips comes topped with a shock of edible greens, so be on the lookout for these flavorful root vegetables at your local farmers markets.

Music: "Passion Fruit" by Belle and Sebastian

A little nibble for the cookie-obsessed 9 MIN, 39 SEC

Dorie Greenspan's prodigious new cookbook is Dorie's Cookies. This isn't a regular cookie book. It's a tome: an encyclopedia of one baker's obsession with the cookie, featuring over 300 different recipes to suit every craving or occasion imaginable. "Once you start thinking of a cookie as having infinite possibilities, it just comes to you." Find everything for the cookie-obsessed in Greenspan's book and try these recipes for her savory rosemary-Parmesan shortbread cookies and holiday spice leckerli on the Good Food blog.

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Dorie's Cookies

Dorie Greenspan

Hanging up the Christmas pickle 7 MIN, 11 SEC

There are plenty of traditions surrounding the holiday season, but perhaps one of the most obscure is the Christmas pickle. Jane Lear, the executive editor of CURED, traces back the possible provenance of the holiday dill and its curious placement among the rest of our fancy Christmas tree trimmings. Learn more about the mystery of the yuletide pickle's origin in Lear's article for the inaugural issue of CURED.

Music: "The Christmas Song" by James Brown

Scandinavian comfort food for the soul 8 MIN, 29 SEC

The Danish have a word, "hygge," which chef and food writer Trine Hahnemann describes as "trying to find all the little moments during the day where you can relax and feel good about yourself and the people around you. And it often involves something to drink and something to eat." Sounds good to us. In her new cookbook, Scandinavian Comfort Food: Embracing the Art of Hygge, Hahnemann offers up recipes that are sure to warm the soul: winter porridges, freshly baked treats, hearty stews and other seasonal eats.

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'The Gefilte Manifesto' 8 MIN, 35 SEC

Before gefilte fish was sold on supermarket shelves, jarred in its own jellied aspic, it was a labor-intensive dish prepared at home in the name of Ashkenazi tradition. Jeffrey Yoskowitz and Liz Alpern of The Gefilteria in Brooklyn are reclaiming Old World customs with a collection of re-imagined recipes in their recently published cookbook, The Gefilte Manifesto. Find their recipe for herbed gefilte fish terrine on the Good Food blog.

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The Gefilte Manifesto

Jeffrey Yoskowitz

Cookbook picks and trends for 2016 8 MIN, 18 SEC

Each December, we head north to Noe Valley in San Francisco, where we find the ever-helpful Celia Sack behind the counter of one of our favorite independent bookstores, Omnivore Books. Sack joins us again to talk trends and share this year's picks for every foodie, eater, baker or cook on your holiday gift list. You can find her culinary book recommendations on the Good Food blog.

Jonathan Gold's Top 10 dishes for 2016 7 MIN, 28 SEC

From Chengdu-style noodles at Mian in San Gabriel to chef Tony Esnault's legumes de saison at Spring and LASA's Pinoy-Californian version of pancit at the Far East Plaza in Chinatown, LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold has been busy eating his way across town. He joins us in studio this week to present his top 10 dishes for 2016. Find out which ones made the cut and read Jonathan's review for the LA Times. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

Legumes de saison
Photo by Camellia Tse

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