A Nose in New York; Best Bars; Noodles; Jackaroos

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Close your eyes and take a big smell of your surroundings. Do you know what neighborhood you're in?  Jason Logan used his nose to map New York City.  A dog in Sonoma uses his nose to sniff out corked wine.  Craig Haserot introduces us to Ziggy, the Labrador retriever.  Jonathan Gold searches the city for the best chicken rice.  Lesley Bargar of LA Magazine tells us the best bars in LA to have a drink.  Bill Marler explains how food is inspected and regulated in this country, and how that system leads to so many contamination scares.  How a fat kid with eating issues turned into the restaurant reviewer for the New York Times.  Frank Bruni shares his incredibly honest story.  Plus, Corinne Trang has the skinny on the many different varieties of Asian noodles.  Curtis Stone introduces us to Australian Cattle culture, and Laura Avery shows us what’s in season in this week’s Market Report.

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