Market Report - Pink Ladies

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Laura Avery speaks to Everett Davall of Dates by Davall about his wonderful sweet medjool dates and his honey dates. You can look around his table for the rare Abadaba dates too, but those seem to sell out faster that he can unload them.
Everett's brown turkey figs are also a treat. Try halving them and putting them cut side up under the broiler with a little sugar on top. Served over ice cream, they're heavenly. Get them while you can, the season won't last long.

Laura also gets some apple pointers from David Rydell of Fairhill Farms. David and his wife Nancy grow several varieties of apples, including Granny Smith and Pink Ladys. He says that the Pink Ladys are wonderful in pies and are great in salads because they don't have a tendency to brown like other varieties.