Buffalo Wings; Moonshine; Mark Twain's American Food; Pie

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This is the summer of pie here at Good Food.  This week on the show, Russ Parsons of the LA Times explains how making a pie can be cathartic.  Small batch distillers are on the rise.  Meet David Haskell and Colin Spoelman who are making moonshine in Brooklyn.  Andrew Beahrs celebrates American Food through the eyes of Mark Twain.  Enjoy some comfort food with Jonathan Gold at Eva on Beverly.  Losing weight is always hard, but it could be easier if you were doing it for a cause.  Dr. Thomas Robinson explains.  Good Food Producer Harriet Ells visits the home of the first ever Buffalo Wing while on a road trip to Canada.  Plus, college student Mari Silva eats for free on movie sets.  And Neil Kwon of Biergarten tells us about using farmers market ingredients for his Korean fusion dishes.