Compost Cookie; Farming on the Moon; Music Festivals and Food

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This week on Good Food with Evan Kleiman, a look at the possibility of farming on the moon.  Dr. Gene Giacomelli explains the ins-and-outs of growing food in harsh environments.  Evan continues her conversation with Dr. Andrew Weil.  This week, he answers the question: which is worse for our health, meat or dairy?  Russ Parsons of The Los Angeles Times reveals his love for sugar snap peas.  We'll find out how potato chips, coffee grounds and pretzels made their way into a cookie.  Christina Tosi of Momofuku explains.  S.V. Subramanian shares the results of his study into how adult height relates to income.  We'll eat Peruvian with Jonathan Gold.  Plus, Jeff Miller of Thrillist takes us to various music festivals for the food.  And, Paul Osher gives us a recipe for cherry barbecue sauce.

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