Echo Park’s Nayarit, “The Bear,” dips, tlayudas

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Depicting a chef in “The Bear,” actor Jeremy Allen White says he started drawing parallels between the craft of pulling together a movie or play and composing a meal at a restaurant. Photo courtesy of FX.

Historian and professor Natalia Molina reveals how her grandmother’s restaurant, Nayarit, brought the immigrant community together in 1960s Echo Park. In the new FX series “The Bear,” actor Jeremy Allen White plays Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto, a chef with struggles both in and out of the kitchen. A creamy base like sour cream, dried aromatics and a bit of acid, cooking columnist Ben Mims levels up homemade dips. LA Times restaurant critic Bill Addison heads to South Central for a Oaxacan specialty. When Gacia Tachejian couldn’t find coffee she liked in the Valley, she began roasting her own before opening Laidrey in Tarzana. Christine Tran of the Los Angeles Food Policy Council explains the findings of a recent report that examines why 600,000 residents eligible for SNAP benefits have not accessed resources.