Fish As Feed; Cooking Formulas; Vegan Soul Food; The Primitive Diet

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Laura Avery learns how to make a Brussels sprout and shaved fennel coleslaw plus what to do with squash blossoms.   Molly Notarianni from the Michigan farmers market tells us what's fresh in the midwest.  Cat food is contributing to the end of the wild fish population says author Paul Greenberg. You can cook without a cookbook by memorizing some simple ratios says Michael Ruhlman. And cheese lady Laura Werlin tells how grilled cheese came to be.  Eat liver, red meat and butter says primitive diet fan Sally Fallon Morell.  And hear how Jenna Woginrich is living a handmade life while holding a day job. Amelia Saltsman contributes a delicious grilled cheese sandwich gourmet style.  And soul food goes vegan with chef Bryant Terry.  Chef Gale Gand has great ideas for leftover matzoh.

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