Pancakes for friends, foreign characters in cookbooks, beets

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Shunning loneliness, Curtis Kimball posted fliers around his Bernal Heights neighborhood in San Francisco with an invitation for pancakes. Photo courtesy of Curtis Kimball.

Maite Gomez-Rejón has spent the past decade exploring the intersection of art and culinary culture. She describes corn as the lifeforce of the Americas and was the co-curator of the first exhibit at LA Plaza Cocina, a new museum dedicated to Mexican food. Curtis Kimball made friends and brought a neighborhood together by serving up pancakes. Lisa Gill investigated heavy metal in pantry spices for Consumer Reports. Rachel Baron reported on the benefits of using foreign language characters and words in cookbooks. Chefs Andrew Marco and Ralph Hsiao are bringing that neighborhood bodega feel to Koreatown via Open Market. Finally, Jesus Ramirez-Arteaga is shopping for beets at the farmer’s market for a salad at natural wine bar, Good Clean Fun.