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Summer is an ideal time to plant your garden. Laura Avery chats with Logan Williams of Hayground Organic Gardening, who suggests Czechoslovakian and Polish tomatoes that are designed to fruit in November. It's still not too late to plant big beef tomatoes now. For a beautiful leafed plant try this interesting type of amaranth pictured above.  Its leaves go from green to red to amber to yellow all in the same leaf.


Mark Peel is mad for the Spring onions that will be available for the next three weeks. The chef of Campanile Restaurant makes a simple onion soup by slicing one pound of onions very thinly, sauteeing them in butter until they are "strawberry blonde," then adding one pint of chicken broth and one pint of water. He also adds a sprig of thyme and slivers of garlic, then simmers on low for about 30 minutes. Before serving he removes the thyme, and adds salt and pepper. To give it a French onion soup feel without the gummy, molten cheese top that traditional soups have, top the soup with a large crouton sprinkled with melted Gruyère cheese.

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