Venezuelan Cuisine

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Camelia Coupal is the owner of Coupa Cafe in Beverly Hills, which serves Venezuelan cuisine. 

The national dish of Venezuela is Pabellon, which is shredded beef served with rice and beans.  Also popular are arepas which are flat cornmeal patties used like bread in a sandwich.  At the time of the interview, Camelia brought in a wide selection of Venezuelan specialties:

Cachapa - corn pancake
Tequeno - white flour wrapped around queso paisa (a type of cheese), served with guava dipping sauce
Maracuchitos -sweet fried plantain wrapped around queso duro
Arepas - corn griddle cake, stuffed like a sandwich
Reina Pepiada - chicken salad with avocado and mayonaise.  Camelia used this as a filling for the arepas.
Cason Empanada - young shark empanada

Coupa Cafe
419 North Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 385-0420

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