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One of the best ways to enjoy a casual dinner is by accompanying it with wine. And, if you're like most people, you probably like to order your favorite take-out food if you don't have time to cook. Wine guide Stacie Hunt of Du Vin Wine & Spirits pairs fun and flavorful wines with everyday food.

Stacie suggests the following wines to pair with pizza, burgers, tacos, Chinese, sushi and even Subway:

Pizza - tomatoes, cheese, anchovies, sausage, peppers - requires hearty wines.

Chateau de Beauregard (Languedoc, France), $6.99
A blend of Carignan, Grenache and Mourvedre

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo:  Vola, $6.99
The "go with everything" grape from southern Italy

Burgers & Reds

Paul Mas Syrah (Languedoc), $12.99
8 restful months in oak

Luzon Verde (certified organic), Monastrell (same as Mourvedre), $ 8.99
(Jumilla, Spain)

Tacos & Tempranillo

Lan Rioja Crianza, $11.99

Muga Rose, $12.99
Nothing makes better love to a taco than rose!

Chinese & Chenin Blanc

Fouquet Bonnet, Vouvray, $13.99

Champalou, $16.99

Sushi & Sherry

Savory & James Fino, $11.99

Tio Pepe Fino, $16.99

La Gitana Hidalgo Manzanilla, $13.99

Sake for the purists:  Taru Kikusakari, $31.99

Subway & Sauvignon

Ramsay Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa), $14.99

Viu Manent Sauvignon Blanc (Chile), $10.99

For fun: Cabernet Franc (Loire Valley, France), $13.99

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