The race to fight citrus greening

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In 2005, most citrus trees in Florida were dying or infected with the insidious citrus disease known as Huanglongbing, HLB, or citrus greening.  California was spared at the time. But not anymore. More than 500 scientists recently gathered in Riverside to discuss their findings of the disease rapidly spreading across the southland. David Karp reported on the conference and citrus greening for the Los Angeles Times .

Detections of HLB-infected trees in California. Photo courtesy of the Citrus Research Board

Szemir, a dog trained to sniff HLB, patrols an experimental grove in Riverside, searching for HLB-infected citrus trees  with h is handler for F1K9 ,  Tyler Meck. Why does the dog wear shoes? To prevent damage to feet from citrus thorns. Photo credit: Esteban Rodriguez



Evan Kleiman