The Gold Standard: Ludo Bites at Breadbar

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LA Weekly Counter Intelligence columnist and Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Jonathan Gold bites into Ludo Bites at BREADBAR, a three-month dining experience and collaboration between chef Ludovic Lefebvre (of Bastide and L'Orangerie), the Beverly Hills Cheese Shop, and BREADBAR. Bring a bottle of wine and eat lots of tiny, delicious courses made with the freshest ingredients available. One special is cordon-bleu, which is chicken cordon-bleu without the chicken, just serrano ham and cheese, breaded and grilled, garnished with grape-blue syrup. Price $18. Other must-trys are the "broccomole" (like guacamole, except with broccoli,) smoked salmon with lentils and trout roe. Jonathan recommends ordering the cheese plate combined with the appropriate condiments.

Ludo Bites
September 12 - December 21
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings, 6:00 to 9:30pm
8718 W Third Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Music break: No No No by Deiter Reith