Regenerative farming, cultivated meat, fermented Mexican beverages

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John Chester of Apricot Lane Farms says his pig Emma has “been a lot of heartache and lessons.” Emma, John, and his wife, Molly, are featured in “The Biggest Little Farm: The Return,'' debuting on Disney+ on Earth Day. Photo courtesy of Disney+.

In celebration of Earth Day, John and Molly Chester mark the decade-long restoration of their land with the film “The Biggest Little Farm: The Return.” Liz Carlisle and Neil Thapar discuss how five women of color are using regenerative farming to grow food and connect with their ancestral heritage. Filmmaker Liz Marshall follows a former cardiologist who is growing cultivated meat in the lab. Newly appointed LA Times Food Editor Daniel Hernandez tracks down his favorite Mexican fermented drinks on this side of the border. Bill Addison reviews a Malaysian coffee shop in Alhambra. Finally, Ben Mims finds sunchokes at the farmer’s market.