Northern Thai Cuisine

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Jet Tila, our local authority on Thai food, recommends Spicy BBQ Restaurant, a iny, 15-seat, four-table restaurant that features 11 authentic northern Thai dishes. Tila recommends Northern Thai Egg Noodles, a curry-based soup with fresh turmeric and fat egg noodles. Also try the Larb, which is made with slices of liver, pig ear and ground pork. There are two dips: Naam Phrik Awng, with ground pork and roasted tomatoes and Naam Phrik Num, a roasted eggplant dip that's similar to smoky tomatillo salsa. These dips are served with cold vegetables like boiled cabbage. The Northern Thai Curry is a stew with pork belly, chicken and stew beef and tomatoes. Chef Jet offers cooking classes throughout Southern California.

Spicy BBQ Restaurant
5101 Santa Monica Blvd at Normandie
Los Angeles, CA 90029