Grill paiche like the Godfather of Peruvian Cuisine

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The man behind the restaurants Mo-Chica, Picca and Paiche has added a cookbook to his resume. Ricardo Zarate's The Fire of Peru: Recipes and Stories from My Peruvian Kitchen" takes readers through the diverse culinary landscape and ingredients of Peru. He wrote the book with LA Times food writer Jenn Garbee.

In his kitchen one food the Godfather of Peruvian Cuisine cannot live without is the paiche — that enormous fish found in the Amazon River. He likes the fish for its delicate white flesh, subtle buttery flavor and versatility. Try out a recipe for "Grilled Paiche Lettuce Wraps with Honey-Miso Glaze" on the Good Food blog. If you can't find paiche at the docks, we've got ideas for other fish that will work just as well.

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