Market Report

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Jerry's Berries

Mark Gold is the chef at Eva restaurant (7458 Beverly Blvd.).  He's buying strawberries from Rutiz Farms.  Mark makes a strawberry compote and pours it over a foie gras terrine and adds some sprigs of burnt rosemary.  He serves the dish with brioche.  The berries are delicate, thin-skinned strawberries.  

Persian Cucumber

Squash Blossoms

Edgar Jaime of Jaime farms grows zucchini squash and sells the blossoms.  The female version grows attached to the zucchini.  The male version grows as just the blossom.  Jaime farms also sells Persian cucumbers.  The are about four inches, seedless and have a thinned skin.  They grown them in a greenhouse so they grow year-round.