Urban Foraging

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Eddie and Joel

Eddie Lin writes the blog DeepEndDining.com.  Joel Robinson is the Executive Director for the non-profit organization Naturalist For You.  They offer guided foraging tours.  

Fox Tail Barley

Foxtail Barley (Hordeum Murinum)

Storks Bill

Yellow flower is Crete Weed (Hedypnois Cretica) mixed with Filaree/Stork's Bill

Eddie with Wild Radish

Eddie holds a Wild Radish (Raphanus Sativus)


Carob (Ceratonia Siliqua)

Sow Thistle

Common Sow Thistle (Sonchus Oleraceus)


Cheeseweed/Mallow (Malva Parviflora)

Santiago Nature Reserve

Santiago Park Nature Reserve, Santa Ana