Urban Farming; Pie; Wine Gadgets; A Part-Time Vegan

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Farming doesn’t have to mean lush and pastoral land.  Novella Carpenter is an urban farmer, growing food and raising livestock on a dead end street 
in the middle of the Oakland ghetto.  Tezo updates us on the South Central Farmers who were evicted from their land in downtown L.A.  They’re now farming on 80 acres in Bakersfield.  Kajsa Alger of Street tells me all about Tunisian Pie.  Mark Bittman of the New York Times explains what it means to be a part-time vegan.  High-alcohol wine is popular, especially in California.  Peter Langenstein has more on this controversial trend.  Can gadgets really make wine taste better?  Jordan MacKay of Chow.com has answers.  Jonathan Gold stops by with the details on a Mexican restaurant that’s as much about the murals as it is about the food.  Plus intrepid eater Eddie Lin dines on raw chicken right here in an L.A. restaurant.  And Laura Avery reports from the Santa Monica Farmers Market.

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