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This week on Good Food, host Evan Kleiman chats Jamie Oliver about the problems he's had shooting his reality show in Los Angeles.  Waterloo & City's Brendan Collins shares a recipe for beet salad using torpedo beets.  We'll eat Texas barbecue in Sherman Oaks with the LA Weekly's Jonathan Gold.  Mormons have a really unique food history, Kate Holbrook explains.  Deep End Diner Eddie Lin attempts the Super Bowl of Pho Challenge.  Plus, Chad Robertson of Tartine Bakery shares his secret for their best-selling bread.  And farmer Jerry Rutiz has artichokes at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.


One Good Dish

David Tanis

Guest Interview Market Report 7 MIN
Brendan Collins is the chef/owner of Waterloo and City in Culver City (12517 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City).  He is making a salad with salt roasted torpedo beets.  The beets are buried in salt and roasted.  He serves it with a blackberry balsamic vinegar.  A recipe for Brendan's blackberry vinaigrette is here.


Farmer Jerry Rutiz has artichokes at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.  They are the seeded variety and therefore a little more tender.  See pictures of his stand here

Guest Interview Super Bowl of Pho 7 MIN
Deep End Diner Eddie Lin travels to Alhambra, to the Super Bowl of Pho, where he ate 3 bowls of Pho in 1 hour.  See pictures here.  


Pho Super Bowl
1300 E. Main Street #105, Alhambra, CA 91801

Guest Interview Jamie Oliver Exclusive 7 MIN

Jamie Oliver has been shooting his reality show, Food Revolution, in LA for the past several weeks.  Now, the LA Unified School District has put a stop to all reality show productions in the district.  Read more about it in the LA Times.  

Guest Interview Smoke City with Jonathan Gold 7 MIN
This week’s restaurant recommendation from the LA Weekly's Jonathan Gold is Smoke City Market, serving Texas barbecue in Sherman Oaks.  Their barbecue is served without sauce – they have it, they don’t recommend using it.  Jonathan likes the brisket mostly.  It’s seasoned with salt, pepper and smoke.  They have chicken, baby back ribs, beef ribs, sausage and the requisite sides, but the brisket is the recommended item to order.


Smoke City Market
5242 Van Nuys Bl, CA 91401
(818) 855-1280

Guest Interview Mormon Food 7 MIN
Kate Holbrook is a PhD candidate at Boston University studying Mormon food traditions.  In their tradition, Mormons are encouraged to have large pantries with at least three months of food.  Popular Mormon dishes include jello and funeral potatoes (recipe here).
Guest Interview Tartine Bread 7 MIN
Chad Robertson is the owner of Tartine Bakery in the San Francisco.  His new book is Tartine Bread, which explains how they make their famous bread, including how to make a natural leaven.  See a video about their bread here.

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