Eating Pork; White Chocolate; Husk Power; Who Is Making Us Fat

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Despite the swine flu outbreak, it's okay to eat pork.  Russ Parsons loves to cook pork shoulder and schnitzel -- delicious and economical. Listener Suzanne Roady-Ross explains why pig is pork but chicken is chicken.  Jonathan Gold takes us to Bottega Louie.  Chip Ransler tells us how his company is turning rice husks into electricity in India. Are we fat because we eat too much or because we're fed high caloric foods?  Hank Cardello has some words for food producers.  George Cossette tells us about Georgian wines.  Pastry Chef David Lebovitz loves to cook with white chocolate.  And Mark Olive shares his passion for Australian bush tucker.  Plus, Laura Avery shows us what's in season at the farmers market.

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