Getting Kids to Eat; Summer Cookbooks; Duck Feet; Melons

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Laura Avery takes to the market to taste fresh cantaloupes and summer melons.  Josiah Citrin gives a recipe for a delicious potato soup.  Bob Carlson is a super-dad who resorts to putting on a show for his kids to get them to eat vegetables. And how pro chefs feed their kids according to sisters Jewels and Jill Elmore. How to de-bone a duck foot and why you'd want to from Eddie Lin.  Plus Helena Echlin weighs in on the etiquette of photographing your restaurant meals. Cathy Wu makes rings and art from dried fruits.  And Scott Daigre, Mr.Tomato, tells us which varieties of tomatoes are worth planting. The best of summer cookbooks courtesy of NY Times' Christine Muhlke. And Jonathan Gold gives us a restaurant to try.

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