Life On A Container Ship; Irradiated Vegetables; The Theory of Randomness

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Rob Long spent three weeks on a container ship. What did he eat? Temple Grandin makes the lives of cattle better the day they get to the slaughterhouse. Why does it matter? Moraccan Mourad Lalou says couscous made at home is much better than couscous from a box. Bill Freese tells us why we need to worry about the FDA’s recent approval of irradiation of lettuce and spinach. The only pattern in life is randomness according to scientist Lenoard Mlodinow. And Jonathan Gold goes to the Chili King in Monterey Park.  Nigerian dwarf goats make loving pets says Gianaclis Caldwell, plus they have very high butterfat.  Laura Avery meets DJ Olsen at the market to hear about a perfect pork chop, and how to start a garden.

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