School Lunch; The Man Who Couldn’t Eat; Hunting in Mongolia

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What do food writers and chefs do during summer vacation? Jonathan Gold had fresh mozzarella in Italy and Mary Sue Milliken went hunting in Mongolia.  They share their adventures.  Nancy Zaslavsky has some ideas for Mexican produce found in area markets.  The LA Times’ Russ Parsons has some tips on how to store your summer farmers market bounty. The story of Jon Reiner, the man who couldn't eat.  Kazi Pitelka gives a tour of her urban farm featuring chickens, turkeys, fruit trees and bees.  School is back in session but what is being done about the school lunch program?  Deborah Lehmann shares what’s on the menu at schools around the country and Slow Food USA’s Josh Virtel offers a solution.  Plus, Laura Avery finds out what's fresh at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.

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