Duck-Egg Pasta

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Gabriel Gabreski is the Executive Chef at Blue on Blue restaurant at the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills. His signature dishes make the most of market-fresh and seasonal ingredients, including an exceptional pasta whose richness comes from duck eggs.  Gabriel serves the duck-egg pasta at his Chef's Table sitting, a seven-course meal where guests can join him at the Farmers' Market to create a customized menu. He shares the secret to this sumptuous pasta and how to find the ingredients.

Blue on Blue
9400 W. Olympic Blvd.
Beverly Hills

Duck Egg Tagliatelle, guanciale, favas, pecorino, summer truffles 

2 cups all purpose flour
3 duck eggs
Pinch of salt 

Place the flour on a large cutting board and shape into a mound. Create a well to hold the eggs and, slowly with a fork, work a little flour into the egg mixture. Gradually add the flour until everything is incorporated and knead until a smooth elastic ball forms with little stickiness. Cover and let rest.

Divide the dough in four. Flatten 1/4 of the dough and insert it into a pasta machine. Start with the largest opening and roll out the pasta. Repeat this procedure twice, lowering the setting to create a smaller opening for the pasta. Follow this technique until you achieve a thin sheet of pasta. Slice into thin ribbons and let dry on a cotton towel. Cook in a large pot of boiling water and salt according (think ocean salt water), the salt adds to the flavor of the dish.

1 cup favas beans (separate the favas from the pod and set aside)
½ cup guanciale (salted pork jowl, common in rome)
1 cup grated pecorino 
½ cup butter 
1 lg. summer truffle (chefs wharehouse)  

To finish slowly simmer the guanciale in 1 tbs olive oil. Add the favas and pasta to the water. Fresh pasta cooks quickly so check after 2-3 minutes. Strain and add the pasta to the guanciale, add the fresh butter and toss lightly. Shave the truffles and finish with the fresh pecorino. Always check the seasoning at the end.

By Chef Gabriel Gabreski

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