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Laura Avery talks with Quinn Hatfield, chef/owner of Hatfield's Restaurant about beans (blue lake, yellow-wax, haricots verts, yellow and green romanos). He's currently serving the beans with squid at the restaurant.  Quinn says the secret is to cook them in hot boiling water with a good salt, then immediately put the beans in ice cold water so they maintain their color. Quinn glazes the beans with an onion puree or a garlic puree with lemon, but you can also toss them in a vinaigrette.


Laura also talks with the Berry Queen, Py Pudwell about currants, These European berries, which are most often used for jelly, sauce or garnish, are a wonderful dichotomy of nature, as  they're simultaneously sour and sweet and are absolutely delicious, even raw.  Health-conscious eaters love their high vitamin-C content. The currant season is only six weeks long (mid-June through the end of July), so come and get 'em!

Music Break -- Verve - Antonio & Ciro Dammicco