Black Banquet

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We first met Bompas & Parr when they told us about their Breathable CocktailSam Bompas and Harry Parr are artists in London who frequently work with food as a medium.  They are also known as the Jelly Mongers because of their elaborate architectural models made of jello.

Bompas and Parr Jello

They recently partnered with Michael Cirino of A Razor a Shiny Knife and Fiona Leahy Design for the Black Banquet at the London Design Festival.  They served eight courses of black food.

Black Banquet

Black Banquet 2

Bompas and Parr are also working on an Architectural Punchbowl.  They plan to create a punch bowl in a building.  It will be so big, that you can row a boat across it.  They have a contest, open to the public, to find a recipe for the punch.

Music Break: Gnu Bossa Nova by Baja Marimba Band