Faux Wine Award

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Wine critic Robin Goldstein exposes the wine world's awards selection process. He also talks about conducting brown-bag blind wine tasting to reveal the true taste difference between an expensive bottle of wine and a cheap one.

Goldstein, founder and editor-in-chief of the Fearless Critic series, is also the co-author of The Wine Trials: 100 Everyday Wines Under $15 that Beat $50 to $150 Wines in Brown-Bag Blind Tastings. For do-it-yourself blind-tasting forms, visit www.TheWineTrials.com. You can also find the menu and wine list for the faux restaurant, Osteria L'Intrepido, that won the Wine Spectator award. The story about Goldstein and his faux wine award recently appeared in a Los Angeles Times article.

Music break: Cerveza by Bert Kaempfert