Market Report: Smorgasburg LA

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A chef from popular Smorgasburg LA vendor Shrimp Daddy
prepares their signature garlic shrimp. Photo by Rosalie Atkinson.

Good Food visits the weekly Smorgasburg LA food festival to meet some exciting new vendors.


Carlos Gomez - Churro Boss - @thechurroboss, June Kwan - Shrimp Daddy - @EatShrimpDaddy, Armen Martirosyan - Mid East Tacos, Mark Reynolds - The Jolly Oyster - @JollyOyster, Jason Winters - Hearth & Olive, Zach Brooks - general manager of Smorgasburg LA - @midtownlunchLA

Evan Kleiman

Nick Liao, Rosalie Atkinson, Joseph Stone, Laryl Garcia