Cheese Myths; Umami Burger; Squirrel Wars; Growing Greens

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Margot Dougherty and actor Terrence Howard will be forever linked -- he saved her life. High school junior Spencer Brodsky is helping refugees in Darfur.  How to enjoy cheese even when lactose intolerant with help from cheese guy Andrew Steiner. A Lomita church is growing their own grapes for communion juice from old vines.  Judi Gerber says the South Bay was an agriculture capital before it became a capital of homes and shopping malls. Farmer Ben Dobson is trying to move the center of agriculture closer to Maine and away from California.  Save a red squirrel by eating a gray one says writer Marlena SpielerJonathan Gold goes to Umami burger and Susan Feniger opens up her new place called The Street. Plus Laura Avery tells us what to eat from the farmers market.

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